Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Times exposed a new scandal in the British Embassy in Baghdad

The atrocities resulting from the American/British occupation of Iraq continued daily. The results of the occupation are more blood shed and destructions. One of the latest scandals which is uncovered recently by a British Newspaper the Times is about British persons working in the British Embassy in Baghdad pressurizing Iraqi workers for sexual advancement. Three Iraqi females working in the British Embassy have been told that persons in a company providing food and domestic cleaning for the Embassy put them under pressure or attempt to bribe them for sexual harassment and advances. This is an irresponsible act and not compatible with the simplest and basic principles of the diplomatic acts. There should be an open and detailed investigation in the matter especially the resultant outcome was that when these workers refused the advancement they expelled them from their jobs.

These acts remind us about the scandals of Abo-Gharib which were committed by the American soldiers against Iraqi prisoners.

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