Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Is America choosing to fight Islam and Muslims?

The occupying American soldiers in Iraq are treating the Iraqis in a reckless way less than considering them like animals. The last insult of the Muslims Holy Book of the Quran by an American solider is not the only one against the sacred principles of Islam. The American soldiers in Iraq showed no respect to any thing in Iraq. All the Iraqis are very tense about the existence of the Americans in their land and they hate to see them there. The tension is mounted high and can be very easily seen on the people when an American convoy passing or when they hear and see an American airplanes.

After the incident of the insult on the Holy Quran by an American solider no wonder if every single American soldier became a target in the coming time. The only way to ease thing is if that solider receives the utmost punishment compatible with he is insulting hundreds of billions of Muslims all around the globe.

If America chose to fight Islam then let it expects its defeat by God Almighty so soon.

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