Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Armed Resistance against the American Occupation of Iraq

Five years after the American occupation of Iraq the Iraqi general feeling about all over resistance of the occupation is mounting up.

There is a growing demand for the high ranking religious authorities from the people to issue Fatwa about all over military resistance. The resistance of the American occupation of Iraq is mounting due to many reasons such as:

1. The long time since this occupation started with no signs of withdrawal
2. The worsening of every thing in Iraq as if this is planned by the occupiers
3. Leaving the country weak without strong army deliberately so as they continue to dominate and strike a deal to keep themselves bases in Iraq and to keep it under their thumbs
4. The barbaric treatment of the Iraqi civilians by the American occupiers and treating the Iraqis less than the animals
5. The killing of thousands of the Iraqis by the occupiers and their security companies
6. The support that the terrorist groups are enjoying under the occupiers who indeed support such groups direct and indirect
7. Stealing of the oil
8. Encouraging all kind of corruption to flourish
9. Allowing all kinds of spying agents to enter Iraq under different shapes and names
10. Keeping Iraq until this moment under the care of charter 7 of the UN as if Iraq is still a threat to its neighbors
11. Trying to do a deal for long time with a weak Iraqi government to convert Iraq into a state without sovereignty at all
12. Many other issues related to obvious lies of reconstructions of the country and in fact the reverse was noticed over the last 5 years

The American plan became so obvious which is to weaken Iraq and keep it so just to implement its own imperialistic agenda.

In view of this the Americans left no choice for the Iraqis but to fight the occupiers. This time it will be every one job to fight the occupiers and not only one group or so. If such a stage reached then every American especially in the military in Iraq will be considered as target for the armed resistance and on the wide scale especially if a Fatwa is going to be issued or may had been already done so but not yet released to the public yet.

If the situation remained as it is and the war not coming to an end then there will be of no single doubt, a big armed resistance and whether the Fatwa to do so will exceed or comes after the initiation of such public and general resistance will make no difference. The only difference will be more casualties from the American side and more from the Iraqi side but at the end the people of the land will win and the history telling us no rude and barbaric occupiers won a war. It is the American choice to leave with face saving or to be forced out with humiliation. Leaving with good face can only happen if the above 12 points reversed and leaving the country with mutual respect and long last friendship based on respect.

The surge of the wide scale resistance will need something to ignite it: Is the Insult of the Holy Quran by an American solider going to be the one? If so the resistance will be a wide scale war between Islam and the Muslims and America everywhere.

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