Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Resistance of the American barbaric occupation of Iraq

The war on Iraq by America and its tails that was ended by occupying the country and destroying its infrastructure and killing millions of its civilians will and should be resisted. It is the right of any occupied country to resist by using all kind of means which inflict heavy damages and losses in the occupying forces. The resistance of the occupiers will continue until they pull out or they put plan to pull out on a time scale.

The Americans in Iraq are nothing but occupiers and killers. They kill the Iraqis and destroying their country; so what the Iraqis should do?

The answer is so obvious the Iraqis should resist and retaliate back against the occupiers inside Iraq especially those who create division among the Iraqi society.

Death is to those who continue the war on Iraq and hell to the occupiers whose hands are stained by the Iraqi blood. The history should record its curse on them.

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