Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Five years of horror under the American occupation of Iraq

Five years ago like this day 9 April 2003 Baghdad failed to the occupiers among the American troops who came via Kuwait crossing all the way from Basra to Baghdad. Initially the people were happy about the fall of the dictator that was the most bloody dictator in the region and one of the worst in the world.

The face of the new war was to be exposed not so long after the day the statue of Saddam brought down in Alferdos square. In stead of becoming the best example in democracy in the region Iraq became the worst example about the lack of security, lack of services, and basically disturbances and destruction in all aspects of life.

America after all became isolated in its war in Iraq after most of its allies pulled out of the alliance. The last one that may pull soon is its largest alliance the UK. In addition to that America does NOT know what to do in Iraq no and got no clear objections. It became like some one who get lost in a large, futile and dangerous desert.

There are many other countries benefited from the war but not Iraq and may be not the US. Indeed the US may loss much more and may even face its decline from its existence in Iraq. Among countries that got the benefits are Iran, Syria, China, North Korea, Kuwait, and others.

Most Iraqis are now against the American presence in their land. It doesn’t matter whether this presence is under the UN charter or by an agreement with the Iraqi government. Both are occupation and no thing else. The resistance of the occupiers will continue and it will certainly escalate. The only way for the USA to save its face from Humiliation and the curse of the history is to put a time table for pulling its troops and end its occupation of Iraq. It is so barbaric to see a country like Iraq occupied by a country like the USA in the 21st Century. This is even worse when taking the account of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed and killing since then. Iraq is the worst place in lack of security, killing, assassinations, lack of services, poverty, unemployment, corruptions, diseases, destructions, and every other bad thing in life.

Continuation of occupation of Iraq will result in more darkness, killings, and more death and killing of the American soldiers.

Now 5 years of war is only five years of fear, horrors, corruptions and killing of the Iraqi people.

Iraq is the land of first civilization which was born here and given as a gift to the humanity. Iraq is the land of the heaven revelations in which Prophet Noah and Prophet Abraham were born and many others. It is the land of Imam Ali and Imam Hussein. We feel that at the end God-will will win. America destroyed Iraq since 1979 and soon God will send his wrath on America and make its decline starts from here.

God Almighty we put America and its allies in your strong hands and we pray to you by the innocent blood that was shed by America and its allies on this land to send your wrath that nothing will stand against it on the transgressors. God Almighty by your name that if you have been asked by it you will certainly answer, rain your wrath on the transgressors. Amen.

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