Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The US forces in Iraq is unwanted to stay

Day after day the US forces in Iraq commit more killing and damages to the civilians and the structures of this country. Four Iraqis (3 women and a man) were killed in Baghdad, Alshab area today when their vehicle attacked by US soldiers.

More than 95% of the Iraqis would like to see an end to the occupation and the foreign troops to leave their country as soon as possible. The signing of a declaration between George Bush and Nori Almalki about the presence of the US forces and the possible stay in an American bases in Iraq for long time is not going to help the relation between the two sides. It will certainly increase the resistance to any American stay in Iraq. Iraq is now a country without sovereignty and should not stay so for long time. If there is any kind of relationship between the US and Iraq it should take in consideration what the people of this country would like to have, because at the end of the day it is going to be decided by them. America and Iraq could have a good relationship but without the military existence and without long time stay and basis in Iraq. There are lot of areas that may work well for both sides such as the trade, the oil, the services, the reconstructions, the military agreements and many other areas but not the continuation of the occupation at all.

Iraq sovereignty should be fully respected and returned back to the Iraqis as soon as possible.

No to the long stay and military basis in Iraq and yes for a good relation with the USA but not as an occupier force.

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