Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Saudi Arabia between the Wahabism and Terrorism

It is not the normal and peaceful citizens of SA but the extremists and fundamentalists who incite the death penalty on every one not belonging to the Wahabi sect which support the terrorism. Every one knew that the Wahabis and the Saudi ruling family were formed as one in their goals and ways of achieving such goals. The world has changed and what was created by the British deceased empire should change.

The recent involvement of the Wahabi lead terrorism (Al-Qaeda) is not some thing new. The history of the formation of the (Saudi Arabia) is a well know fact when Abdul Aziz Bin Saud and Mohammad Bin Abd-Al-Wahab formed alliance and controlled Najd and Hejaz by force, terrorism, genocide and ethnic cleansing. They even tried to enrol over Iraq, Kuwait, Yemen, Emirates, Qatar and part of Egypt and Jordan. Their blood thirsty soldiers used to attack these areas such as Kerbala in Iraq and killed even the foetuses inside the wombs. If you ask any one old enough to remember in Najaf or Kerbala which are the borderer areas with SA they will tell you horrific stories about these attacks and the atrocities of the attackers.

The West such as the USA and the British governments are only after their interests especially for oil and not after the Human Rights especially if this matter is related to the people of the other countries. How they concern about the other people and they got no concern about their own people?! The best recent example is when Saddam Hussein attacked his own people with Chemical Weapons in Halabja and the Marshes while the USA and its allies kept blind eyes on that just because they want him to attack Iran at that time. They themselves supplied such weapons to Saddam and the route of the supply was through the Saudi Arabia! The Saudis are always given the pass and they are always telling lies. They send terrorists to Iraq and to other parts of the region and the world yet they lie on every one by telling that they are against terrorism. However the pass is always due to the oil. Here comes the big question of whether we may have to accept that the US and its allies are democratic states which can address and defend the human rights or not? With out any thinking for more than a second the answer is clearly negative. These states are not about democracy and respect of the human rights but interests of its own oil companies which is owned to some of the politicians or pushing the politics towards its own interests. Iran is another state which supports terrorism inside Iraq however they put pressure on it because they got no interest in its oil any more.

The new Accountability Act about Saudi Arabia which is introduced by the U.S. Senator Arlen Specter is a correct step towards a correct way of dealing with terrorism. It was interesting to notice in the recent visit of the King of Saudi Arabia to the UK and his meeting with the Queen that the UK press condemned the visit and the meeting especially after the King accused the UK government of not listening to the Saudis when they told them about the evidence of terrorism before the London bombing in 7/7/2005. They also referred to the Scandal of the Century about Al-Yamamah oil for aircraft scandal.

There is much difference between the ordinary peace loving Saudi citizens and the Wahabi fundamentalists. Islam is a great religion and it means peace and submission to God but Wahabism is not. Mr. Specter is right in his proposals.

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