Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

New Barbaric crime by the American occupiers

The mercenaries of the imperialistic occupiers in Iraq including 6 Hammers opened fire on the citizens of Al-Mothana province today.

Many Iraqis have been killed and wounded by the barbaric attack of the occupiers.

Revenge has to follow without any doubts and have to be hard and heavy. The price which has to be paid by the occupiers from now on should be more than what they expect and it should be.

We call upon the Iraqis to liberate their cities from the occupiers by all means. The imperialistic mercenaries should leave or face the consequences of their occupation of our country.

George Bush mercenaries either pull with face saving or will be pushed out with humiliation. The war of resistance is just started. It is heavy scale though is not yet ripe.

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