Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The new Anglo-Saxon Imperialism

One of the most important causes of the aversion towards the West and the USA in the Middle East and other parts of the worlds is the colonization of the West to these countries. The colonists used different methods to subdue the people of the occupied countries and plunder their wealth. There were different ways adopted by the subdued people to resist the occupiers and inflict huge loses in their forces and its manpower. Resistance of the occupation is a legal right for every one when their countries occupied by others.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan which was led by George W Bush and his friend Tony Blair was first said to be a war against the terrorists. However the war in Iraq turned to be an imperialistic war aiming to weaken that country and plunder its wealth exactly like what happened with the old imperialism. Indeed this war brought terrorism to Iraq which was free from it. Opposite to Iraq is Afghanistan in which the USA created terrorism before their imperialistic invasion to that country in a pretext to clear the disorder they created. However the history of that region telling us that no one may win in his war against it. Osama Bin Laden is stronger than before by his supporters who exist all over the world including the USA and its allies.

The aim of the new imperialists is to loot the oil from Iraq. George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Ramsfield, Tony Blair and their alike are the architects. That is why they like to keep and maintain a weak Iraq with a weak government. This is why the new imperialists are pressurizing and pushing for the new law about Iraq’s oil. On the other hand this may be one of the reasons why the UK government went into the war as revenge against the nationalization of the oil in 1979. This was exactly what they did when Egypt nationalized the Canal. The imperialists returned back under the cover of war against terrorism. This was exactly the same about the imperialists before when they come under the cover of liberation from the fascists.

The new imperialists want the Iraqi oil and exactly like in the past they keep the country weak, fragile, divided and with weak government. However this time it is different because the old methods will never be successful and the price to pay will be huge. The Iraqi resistance against the new imperialists will crush them sooner rather than latter and is only a matter of time.

Back to the question of the relationship between hate of the imperialists and the occupation; it is clear that the more the occupation of Iraq become the more the seeds of hate will be implanted in the region and not only in Iraq. The solution is to leave Iraq and its wealth to the Iraqis and to get a balanced respectful relation with a strong and stable Iraq rather than a fragile, unstable and looted Iraq. We hope that this is a clear message for those who may understand.

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