Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

George W Bush and Iraq

GWB is one name for two; the father and the son. Both of them share two main things; namely the war in Iraq followed by destroying this country. However the means of destructions are different.

GWB the father was and will remain criminal towards Iraq and the Iraqis. He destroyed Iraqi infra-structures in 1991 war and called to support the Iraqis if they revolt against Saddam yet he deceived them and withdraw his support. He left Saddam to crush the Iraqis in one of most historic mass graves which was later discovered. GWB and his ministers then forced the UN to impose and maintain one of the most criminal sanction on Iraq for 12 years which killed at least one million Iraqis most of them are children. Most of deaths among these children happened from the use of depleted uranium during the 1991 GWB the father's war. His secretary of state Madeline Albright, once answered a question for a reporter about if it is worth to kill half a million children in Iraq; she replied; yes it is worth it! The Iraqis will never forget this woman with blood in her hands and the hands of her boss. She and her GWB without any doubt will stand in front of God to be judged about the blood of the Iraqi children and other Iraqis killed in 1991 and during the sanction.

GWB the son share with his father that he is a USA president and share the war and destruction of Iraq afterward. His father forced UN sanction after his bloody war while GWB the son left Iraq after 2003 war and for the last 4 years a country without proper and un-armed forces, police forces armed with simple rifles which are much less than the terrorists arms, and destruction of every thing in Iraq. Iraq is now a destroyed country without services or structures and no real arm forces or security forces with terrorists every where and using every thing to kill. Above all the American forces and its British and other allies care not about the security of the people. Not only that but they release most of the criminals that they capture. On the other hand they prevent and hinder the security forces of Iraq to do their work properly. They keep for themselves the right to veto the Iraqi authorities' decisions including the top government.

How may one expect a country like Iraq to protect itself from a country like Iran or others without strong and well armed forces including air forces?! It is 4 years since the invasion yet Iraq is still struggling in square one if not less than that. GWB failure in Iraq will lead to Middle East full with terrorists and this time as the training camps and armed gangs and militias are in Iraq not only Afghanistan. The Iraqis will not care if these terrorists disseminate back to Saudi Arabia or other Arab states because they are the main sources for them. Saudi Arabia is the main financing source for the terrorists in Iraq under many charity names in Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, Makka and other provinces. Large amount of money collected under the name to support the Mujahdeen in Iraq. All these and other activities occur under the vision of the Saudi authorities and the full support of some of its (Princess) from the ruler family. GWB is wrong and we said so before if he is not pointing his effort to cut the roots of terrorism from the incubators in Saudi Arabia. The history will tell this in due course.

Today was a another bloody day in Iraq with more than 100 people killed and more wounded in Karbala holy city by suicidal car bombs just few hours ago. Many carbonized children bodies have been evacuated after the bombs which happened in one of the busiest road and time of the city.

Failure in Iraq will be disaster for the whole region and delay in finding solutions will lead to definitive failure. Solutions can not be seen without sever punishment to the countries which are supplying men, money, logistic means and other support for the terrorists. These countries are Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, some Gulf States and their media. The other solution is to get strong and capable Iraqi forces and get the country back on its feet with the rest of the world. This needs a strong and unmerciful punishment for the terrorists especially the Saudi terrorists who entered the country to kill.

The question to be asked is; is GWB the son going to fail the Iraqis like his father or is he going to loss the war? If the answer is yes to both then there will be disasters awaiting the Middle East and the world. A new and total review for the whole situation in Iraq is needed and this have to include strong measures against all those who support terrorism by any means even if this going to cost another war against them in the region as some of the rooted regime need to be changed for the better world. Without this it is doubtful that GWB will win.

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