Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Failure of war against terror especially in Iraq

In spite of the new security plan for Baghdad which slightly improved the situation in some parts of Baghdad only, the terrorist attacks against civilians in creased in other parts of the country. Many attacks using the same methods of suicides, car bombs and rocket propels have been daily happening especially in Diyala, Kurkuk, Hilla, Ramadi and other parts of Iraq. Killing, assassinations, mutilated bodies, kidnappings, and other forms of horrifying stories became parts of the daily life of Iraq.

There is no doubt that the US and the existed Iraqi political groups have failed to solve the security issue. The Iraqi civilians exposed into the main and direct consequences of this failure. They pay heavy price from their lives, blood, children and every thing related to them. There are not enough words or language to describe the misery and sadness of the whole situation in Iraq now.

The US sending few thousands of soldiers will never solve the complicated problem which will escalate to a level only God knows if the dispute between Iran and the USA became a military conflict. In deed if Iran-USA conflict escalates into a military confrontation the whole region if not the whole world will suffer so badly. Then the matter may get lost from the hands of every one including the USA and we may see emerging hot points in the map of the world else where. No doubt the oil will not go from both the Gulf and the Red Sea. Oil and Gas producing fields in Qatar and other Gulf region may be destroyed by the Iranian war machine as well as the US aircraft careers may pay a heavy price to the point which will humiliate the USA for the first time in its history. This may become the count down for the decline and failure of the American intervention in the world. Iran will react so fiercely if its Nuke facilities attacked to the point that the Iranian will make sure to defeated and humiliate America for ever. Not only that but the war will never finish and the Gulf will become dangerous place for any US existence in future. Of no doubt Iraq will pay a heavy price more than any one else in such war not because of the attacks but due to the military groups and the border with Iran and the targeting of the US soldiers by the Iranian inside Iraq.

The USA and the world with it have failed in its war against the terror and we will see new kind of attacks and new generations of terrorists in the near future. Indeed there were no Al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq before the invasion and it is very strong now.

Lastly the USA is wrong in its tactic and war against terror by lunching its war against the tails while the sources which supply these tails are in power in Syria, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states and so on. Similar democratic revolution which happened in the Eastern Europe in the 1990s is needed to change the whole region and settled peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis will help to reduce the terror better than the fight against tails while leaving the heads biting and hiding.

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