Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Baghdad Security Plan failed

More than 4 weeks passed since the implementation of the SP which was awaited for long time. However there is nothing changed a part from the first few days after the plan. In the last few days the terrorists’ attacks against civilian installations and Iraqi people intensified. One of the most important and historic bridges in Baghdad destroyed completely by explosives and detained tanker. Attacks reached into the heart of the security zone and the building of the parliament. Today alone more than 200 Iraqis were killed and more wounded in 5 attacks in the center of Baghdad. Thousands of civilians have been killed since the SP started.

The SP of Baghdad has failed with out any slightest doubt. On the other hand the additional number of the US troops arrived in Baghdad and failed to make any changes.

Iraq became the most dangerous place on earth to graduate terrorists not for the Iraqis alone but soon its effects will certainly invade the neighboring countries such as its origins Saudi Arabia, Gulf oil states and Syria. This was clearly declared today by the leader of Al-Qaeda Abo-Omar El-Baghdadi who said that if Afghanistan was a school for the terrorism, Iraq is the now the University for it. He also said that within the last 4 years they were able to train during the days and nights thousands of the terrorists who will be effective not only in Iraq but anywhere else. He announced the development of a new rocket called Al-kouds which is highly effective in its attack and precision.

As we said before that the war in Iraq achieved one thing only and failed in all other issues until now. The only one thing achieved is to topple Saddam regime and everything else was failures and failures and failures. It is not so far from seeing the example of Iraq in the other Arab countries and this time not by the US invasion but by the terrorists and not surprisingly the US itself may help to transfer such attacks to Syria and the others deliberately. There is a say saying “whoever dig a hole for his brother he will fail in it first”.

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