Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The 4th anniversary of the downfall of Saddam and Baghdad

The much hated dictator has fallen and at the end faced his momentous end; however, the war is not yet over in Iraq. In fact the losses among both the US soldiers and the Iraqis are much more than the first few days after the fall of the regime.

At the beginning of the war in 2003 there were few militia groups a part from what was called Faidaayen Saddam which was rapidly disintegrated and vanished. No doubts some of its members as the rest of the previous regime security forces went underground in new names and tactics. The war is indeed entering new phase especially with insurgence of Al-Qaeda terrorists via Syria and Saudi Arabia with the help of the Syrian regime and the blind eye of the Saudi one. Not only had that but Iraq become a battleground for many intelligence forces and militias supported by regional countries such as Iran and Syria.

The existed situation in Iraq never easy for a quick end and it could become worse for every one not only inside Iraq but for the other regional neighbors. The weakness of the existed government made worse by the quotas based on the sectarians. Iraq unlike the other Gulf States is a multicultural and multiethnic society for thousands of years. Governing such society by political system not based on universal nationality for Iraq irrespective of ethnic and religious matters will never succeed.

Many factors are making the government weak including multi-heads and sub-heads that are pulling in different directions. Not only this but some politicians in the government and parliament are indeed very active members of the terrorists groups. One of the most important factors of the weakness is the lack of the powerful army and security and the lack of independence due to interferences of the occupied authorities especially in relation to the security decision making by the government. Indeed the British forces arrogantly destroyed main security and police stations and released major criminals in Basrah. This and many other factors such as wide spread corruption for the lat 4 years making the people to be so frustrated and lost hope. Today thousands of them protested against the situation. The good thing about these protests is that it’s calling for unity under the national umbrella of the Iraq and not the militias or parties.

Four years has elapsed quickly with failures and successes but failures unfortunately are more. One of the most important factor is the support for the US forces in Iraq is not only increasingly declining in the USA but more and more Iraqis want an end to the occupation and putting a plan for arming and training the Iraqi forces to make it able to protect the borders and the inside security.

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