Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Where is Bin Laden?

For the last few months the second man in Al-Qaeda Ayman Al-Zawahri was the only one who makes statements from Al-Jazeera TV. The latest statement was today in which Al-Zawahri requested that Hammas (the Palestinian faction in power now) to stick to its military agenda for Jihad in the way that Al-Zawahri understood.

The question here is not about Hammas and its agenda but regarding the forgotten man in Al-Qaeda (UBL). Where is he and why for the last few statements it was Zawahri who appears to make statements?

There must be some thing major happened to UBL. Even if he is unwell he may be able to make a short statement. The only reason is either died or he got terminal illness.

There are many other questions about Zawahri himself. Where is he now to be able to send statements from Afghanistan or Pakistan to Al-Jazeera in Qatar? Is Al-Jazeera sharing information about whom and when and where it had the tapes of these statements?

Indeed and until now we can assume, based on the ground facts that the US led war against terrorism has failed so far.

In Iraq there are some news and roamers about imminent major attacks on the same time in the next few weeks or even days. Targets to inflame the situation like religious sites are high on the agenda of the terrorists as well as the use of non-conventional weapons. This may come as part of the terrorists to say that the Baghdad security plan failed.

In this aspect the Iraqi government needs to be so vigilant and takes farther steps forward to abort the terrorist plans. The Iraqi government should tighten the lose ends, bridge the gaps and strengthen the weak points.

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