Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

What is the results of the investigation about Ammar Hakeem detention?

Few days ago the son of Abdelaziz Alhakeem (Ammar Alhakeem) was detained by the US forces after he return back from a personal visit to Iran.

There were conflicting reports about the causes of his detention after which he emerged as a small dictator who likes to be treated like a national leader and a representative to the religious and patriotic figures. For the last few days he received some delegates from tribal and union groups as well as some officials most of them related to his father’s party. They mobilized some demonstrations especially in their town Najaf. His media conducted propaganda of support especially after his speech in the press conference in which he claimed that the US forces treated him harshly and confiscated his belongings till now.

Even the US embassy submitted an official apology and promised to carry out an investigation about the incident. The reports were conflicting. Some said that his passport was expired and others claimed that his bodyguards behaved in a suspicious way.

We think that if AH passport was not expired with a valid visa to Iran and there were no concerns about him and his guards during their entry then it was of no need to arrest him and then give an apology. However if there were concerns like the one mentioned about his passport is expired, then why an apology have to be given and why not the truth not being told to the public. If his passport is expired or there are some other issues then it is prudent to expose this in a more transparent way and make the law be applicable as it is with the others.

It is good if there is an investigation and hope to hear the outcome about this so soon so as we may know why AH used this incident for his own propaganda.

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