Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The biggest Pilgrimage to Kerbala

Today is the eve of the 40th day of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein more than one thousands years ago.

Until now the numbers of visitors entered the holy city of Kerbala is more than six millions and this will reach 7.5 millions tomorrow. It is the biggest pilgrimages for such an occasion in the history of the city.

For the last three weeks millions of visitors have came from all the directions of Iraq (south, north, east and west) towards Kerbala. All visitors walked for hundred of kilometers. Tomorrow it will be peaked here in Kerbala.

About two hundred have been killed so far among the visitors mainly in a suicidal attack near Hilla. After this attack nearly all the people in Hilla decided to go towards Kerbala as a determination against the terrorists who attacked the pilgrimages.

It has been noticed today that the rest of the Iraqi cities including Baghdad became empty from its own people because most of them are now in Kerbala.

The security forces in Kerbala are on its highest alert supported by enforcements from other provinces and they aborted many attacks.

Live coverage of the pilgrimage can be seen on Al-Forat satellite channel on Hotbird frequency 10949 MHZ 27500 Vertical.

To see a summary about the story of Imam Hussein please see the side bar in this site.

Breaking News

On this time there are some urgent news not yet confirmed though that the successor of Al-Zarqawi Abo-Omar albaghdadi has been captured by the Iraqi forces west of Baghdad near Aboghreb area. More detail will follow.

The terrorist captured was not Baghdadi but another important target according to the Iraqi officials.

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