Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Sadr City under American siege

For the last 5 days the poorest area in Baghdad the Sadr City is under blockade by the US forces. The tension is increasing not only in this city but in other areas for many well known reasons.

The siege followed the US forces attacks on this poor city by the air and the ground forces. The US forces claims that the disappeared US solider is kidnapped there. These forces had the heaviest casualties during the last month reaching about 100 dead soldiers killed by the Al-Qaeda or its supporters.

The continuation of the blockade of this city is so wrong. The tension is growing and the rift will lead to serious and unstoppable consequences. The solution for the deteriorating Iraqi situation is to get rid of the terrorists without losing the support of the rest of the population. It is important to get the support of the people and this will never be achieved by force but the reverse. Any gain in the ground must be accompanied by gains of more supporters. This will only happen if there are evidence of improvements of the security and services.

The security issue will only get better when enough and well trained and well equipped Iraqi forces exist on the ground. Iraq is so weak now that the balance with Iran is not even comparable while it was better than Iran few years ago. It is not so long before the USA will discover its mistakes over the last 3 years of ignoring to facilitate arming the Iraqi forces on the highest level including the air and sea forces.

There is only one way for the solution of the Iraqi issue which is to work with the elected Iraqi government to improve the Iraqi army, police and security forces. This should take in consideration that Iraq have to protect itself from any outside invasion from the others when the US forces leaving. It is a known fact that the terrorists will try to control power if the US forces leaving and if this allowed to happen then the whole region will be at the terrorists' stake including the oil fields. Therefore the vacuum should not be allowed to happen and there should be a decisive and hard work to arm and train the proper Iraqi forces fully as we said before including the air forces.

The need to correct previous mistakes is of high importance and the continuation of the siege of Sadr city is wrong. Indeed in addition to the siege by the US forces there was an attack by the terrorists against group of causal workers in the city resulted in the death of many and wounded of more today.

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