Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq the country of death and terror

This is Iraq the most dangerous place to live in for the last years especially after 2003.

Every single day there are at least 100 people killed and more wounded in Iraq and every day pass is a day of blood, horror and killing.

No day pass in Iraq without discovering many bodies of an unknown people after being tortured and mutilated. The horror includes assassinations, kidnapping, mass murdering, expulsions, car bombs, suicidal attacks, attacks by rockets and other weapons, and so many other crimes that no one is able to count.

Today a group of criminals wearing police uniform forced their way into an office belong to a new Iraqi TV channel and killed 10 (all those inside) including the manager. Iraq is the most dangerous place for journalists.

Hundreds of doctors and intellectuals have been killed after kidnapping or simply assassinated. There are families burnt completely inside their homes with their children. Women kidnapped, raped and decapitated. No single week pass without bodies discovered in the rivers. It becomes usual scene to see headless bodies or decapitated heads or mutilated flesh and bones in the street of Baghdad and other cities, towns and villages. Some of these bodies are used by the criminals as bombs putting explosive inside them which lead to farther causalities when people tried to remove and burry them. This prevented many people of doing so therefore it is not an unusual to find astray dogs eating these bodies.

Few days ago a group of terrorists forced their way into the Samawa hospital and killed three women and decapitated a newborn baby inside the hospital.

There are areas especially in Diyala and the mountain of Hemreen (the area between Baqwoba and Khanaqeen) are under the control of the terror groups. Even areas in Baghdad are under the law of the different militias and armed groups. They enforce their law on people by terror, threatening and intimidations. Once Iraq was though under dictatorship but there was advances and progress with freedom for women as an example. The best example of backwardness now is that women can not go for work with out intimidation by the terrorist groups and some killed simply because of their look or hair or clothes. Many hairdressers, CD shops, and other related forced to close and some of these shops have been demolished by explosives, burnt or attacked by rockets.

Many Iraqis fled the country simply to avoid death or after kidnapped and released or due to threats. Most of those are intellectuals, engineers, doctors and others. Those who stayed after threat have been assassinated like the X-dean of the College of Medicine of Baghdad who was killed two weeks ago.

Attacks including worship places such as mosques, churches, and historic shrines, and countless other places. Shiite shrines and churches were on the top of the list of these attacks.

The situation in Iraq is beyond descriptions and certainly beyond a short article.

The terror, death, bodies, killing, assassinations, rapes, expulsions, decapitations, corruptions, and so on and so forth; are all happening under the vision of the US and other multinational forces occupying Iraq.

These crimes happening yet the Iraqi government is nothing but groups of mixtures of hypocrites, weak, blood or money sucking vampires, thefts, puppets, not suitable for their positions, dictators, just fighting each other for positions and chairs, illiterates, ignorant, not caring about the people, and lives like vampire bats inside the green zone while some of them confiscated the money and escaped to London or other EC/USA/Arab states.

The situation of Iraq may have reached or soon will reach a state beyond remedy.

The solution is only one which is to have a temporary state of emergency order in hands of strict martial law and military courts which are able to produce justice in the criminals within hours or days when the crime is obvious and clear. The terrorist in Iraq will fear nothing more than hanging them in the streets under martial law. And under such emergency status law all the parties and political groups including the National Assembly should be dissolved and can only come back for political work after peace, stability and orders established.

One thing is clear; at least, which is certainly the government of Al-Maliki has failed to achieve any progress towards peace and security and it have to be given a limited time or be replaced. The time-limit should include all those who confiscated Saddam palaces and became nothing but each one of them just other Saddam. They should be warned that they time limit for them is 3 months and if they not come to solution for the existed situation then martial law will go a head and all of them including the National Assembly will be dissolved and not allowed to work until full stability. It will then be harder for all of these puppets to come back for political work.

The time is running out for a serious situation which will include not only Iraq but the other regions in the area. Therefore the time should be so limited for the Iraqi (political groups) to come out from their redundancy and darkness to activity and light or facing martial law and full dissolving of all their structures and Assembly. This is should be made very clear for them and for the Iraqi people as well.

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