Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The American forces in Iraq

The US occupied forces in Iraq invaded the building of the higher court in Baghdad today. They took the previous minister of electricity Aiyham Alsammarai who was convicted by the court in several offenses, some related to financial corruptions. After the court convicted him and ordered 2 years sentence in prison, the US forces forced their way into the court room and smuggled the convicted x-minister and took him away to the US embassy.

This is another clear indication about the real intention of these forces in Iraq.

In fact this is another indication that the Iraqi government no more than a little puppet that can not do anything especially if it is related to the US occupation of Iraq.

It is time for all the Iraqis from south to north and east to west to stand against these atrocities and by all means available.

The convicted man should be handed over to the Iraqi authorities to complete his trial and get what he deserves, otherwise the corruption will increase under the US forces protection.

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