Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Time table for the Iraqi government

The existed Iraqi government was born after a very difficult labour following the general election in 2005. Though the new government formed after an election but the formation of it was largely modified according to the ethnic and religious basis. Even with such modification the appointed government failed in achieving any one of its targets especially the security issues.

The main aim of including the various parties in a government of unity was to stop the deteriorating security problems. In fact the situation is getting worse and reached into routine daily terrorist activities which kill hundreds of civilians each day. On the same time the number of other kind of crimes and corruption reached into a disastrous level including the officials and their offices and employees. Corruption just became part of all systems.

The government in Iraq is not only weak because of the occupation and the security but because of its own structure. In Iraq now no one knows how and who is the responsible person about the main issues related to the state. It is supposed to be the Prime Minster but this is not so. There are hundreds if not thousands of states inside the state of Iraq. In addition to that many officials and non-officials are above the law especially among the leaders of the militias or the parties. The top systems from the Presidency and the main parties top leaders are working as if they are independent of each other and each one represent the state by his own way! Even the tribal leaders and the clergy men got their own independent structures. Indeed some are involved in the destabilization of the security. This created thousands of Saddams in Iraq and Iraq has to pay for them and their security. Those who are on the top of the systems controlling huge amount of revenue for their protection and services and they are busy about their personal security. In addition to that they lack any kind of clear visions or plans about corruption and ervices. The situation of the fuel for example getting worse and worse as well as electricity, water, health system, education, and all other issues related to daily life and the country as a whole.

The Iraqi government failed largely on all issues. There should be a time table for this government to achieve certain targets of improvement in all aspect of life especially the security. This time table has to be clear and decisive. If then the government achieved at least say 75% of the targets it should have the chance to continue other wise it should be changed partly or totally. Indeed Almaliki the PM may produce with his consultants a time table for each ministry to achieve certain targets in a specified time. If the minister failed to achieve more than 75% of these targets and failed to give acceptable explanation about the other 25% then he should be replaced. Almaliki should also expose all those who tried to implement their personal agenda from behind the scene and/or resign if he can’t do so.
Finally the Iraqi government will never be strong if it looks like a poppet in the hand of the occupation or the others. It should ask the occupying forces to put a time table for leaving the country. This can be produced throw different national and international levels. Above all there is no better than the unity of the Iraqi people irrespective of their believes, ethnicity or religion. This should be one of the main aims of the government.

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