Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Failure of the Iraqi Example

Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 until now the Iraqi security declined progressively and on the same time the terrorist organizations including Al-Qaeda became progressively stronger.

The number of Iraqis killed by the terrorist groups as well as the multinational forces is on the raise every month. Thousands of Iraqis killed each month by different ways. The number of crimes and corruptions everywhere in the systems is now out of control.

The US and other forces became easy targets to daily attacks especially in the West of Iraq. The number of US forces killed since then reached to 3000 soldiers. The MNF control has been lost completely on many areas including Ramadi, Haditha,Diyala and Falluja as well as other cities close to the Syrian border.

Though Iraq went through election and new government formed, but this government remained very weak and unable to decide even in the simple issues without the permission of the occupying forces. Indeed the members of this government remained hostage to the protection of the MNF and the complicated security inside the green zone. The government is isolated from the people and unable to protect itself. The corruption is routing inside it as well as the temporary one before this. Many members and employees even including its security guards are corrupts. Some are receiving huge salaries yet they are living outside the country in Syria or Jordan. Some ministers and MPs steal large number of money reached millions of dollars without question or investigations.

The basic services in Iraq deteriorated into very serious levels and the promised reconstruction never happened due to the security reasons. There is huge exodus of the intellectuals, doctors, lecturers and other professionals due to increasing attacks against them. Many of them became targets for assassinations, kidnappings, or simply threatened to leave their jobs and the country. One of them was the dean of the medical college in Baghdad who received a letter signed by Al-Qaeda group asking him to leave the job or killed. The latest targets were athletes. Few weeks ago a football team of 8 were kidnapped in the way from Jordan to Iraq and few days ago a football player was kidnapped in the capital Baghdad.

There are cities like Diyala, Ramadi and even parts of Baghdad are out of control of the government and the MNF. Indeed these areas are under direct control of the terrorists groups including Al-Qaeda. On the other hand the other cities were divided into cantons each one of them controlled by different militia or group to protect its own people from attacks by others. It is an undeclared civil war.

The deterioration in the Iraqi condition is overwhelming and involves every aspect of the life. Iraq just described now as the most dangerous place in the world.

There is no doubt that the USA failed in its Middle East and war against terrorism at least in Iraq. It is the reverse indeed that the terrorism increased and the USA in a big problem now. If they leave Iraq to the terrorists then the consequences are very well know for the region and the world. If the US stayed it is even worse because the terrorists are using the excuse to increase their bases in the region and to recruit for this from everywhere. On the other hand the failure in Lebanon in addition to Iraq will make the new Middle East that Dr Rice called for is far from reaching.

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