Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Some details about the killing of Zarqawi

First let us say that we mentioned in this site before that one of the best ways to destroy the terrorists is to implant strong spies among them. This is one of the important elements to decide the exact position of the criminal Zarqawi.

Hib-hib the area where this thug was killed is a famous region in its very thick palm trees and other fruit trees gardens. He and few thugs among his closet aides arrived a day before to the region by three GMC cars with black-tinted glass. The cars had been seen by some local residence heading to an abandoned house inside one of the palm tree garden. A while latter the same residence noticed that one of the GMC cars left the place.
After that in few hours the residents felt the ground shaking under them on the same time of a big explosion and smoke raised from that place. This was followed by another explosion few minutes latter in the same place.

The Iraqi and special US forces arrived and surrounded Hib-hib completely while the residents there noticed other American forces descending down from Blackhawk helicopters by ropes. When they approached the house a gun fire was heard from the house but only for few minutes before it was silenced most likely by these forces.

Jordan latter clamed that they helped in the operation by their intelligences. The operation could not have been precisely performed without some one to give an electronic signal or to implant a device inside the targeted place so as to be used by the US forces to exactly detect the target. The GMC car which left the place could be the car used by the person who gave the awaited signal.

The most important factor to penetrate the circle of the terrorists is to use some one that they trust and that they have no single doubt in him or her. This is so difficult if the person is an Iraqi because they may be easily putting doubts on him. However a Jordanian agent or other agent from outside Iraq is a good option. The same operation could modified and be applied to destroy the other terrorist groups and we mentioned that before.
One last thing to mention is the protest of Hamas which considered Zarqawi as the martyr of the nation will do nothing but will only harm them and their people and enforce the notion of that they terrorists.

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