Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The blood bath and a birth of new era

The blood bath in Iraq continues to escalate day after day. The innocent Iraqis are killed by both the terrorists and the multi-national forces.

Hundreds of Iraqi has been killed in the last few days. The security is declining to a very serious level. No one in Iraq is able to walk out of his home without risking his own life even when going for work. Not only that but no single family may stay at home with out a risk of killing, kidnapping and assassination inside its own residency.

Iraq during the time of the dictatorship was called the republic of fear and now it is nothing but the republic of death and lack of peaceful life.

The problem is so complex that no one may bear the whole responsibility for what is going on. Every one involved in the Iraqi affairs is responsible. On the top of this are the Iraqi government and parties and the multi-national forces.

We said before and will repeat here again, that the terrorists and the criminals know only one thing which is force. The same should be used against them. The responsibility of the security should be fully given to the Iraqis and a full scale force should be used to crush the criminals and terrorists. No mercy or negotiation but only for those who surrender without conditions and reveal full information about their groups.

Punishment should be immediate and on the hands of the Iraqi security forces without hindering by the MNF. It has been mentioned before that when the Iraqi forces are wanted to interfere and deter the terrorists in certain areas the MNF may tighten the hands of the Iraqi forces and prevent them from interfering and crushing the thugs.

The Iraqi government became so isolated from the whole country and from the people inside the green zone as if they are just prisoners inside their cells. They fear for their life while leaving the Iraqis killed everywhere and anywhere. The weak rabbits are always escaping quickly inside green zones for any little danger and this is the same for the Iraqi clashing parties. These thugs have failed until now to agree for ministers to fill the three most important security offices. If there is anything Iraq needs now, are the security ministries before anything else. The Iraqi thugs in the different parties agreed after a long time to secure their own chairs inside the green zone yet they disagree about the security ministries post. There is nothing may describe these thugs a part from requesting to submit them into criminal justice because of their crimes of failing the Iraqi people and exposing them into a daily bath of blood and destruction.

The other party is the Arab terrorists supported from the Syrian regime and the wealthy Gulf men and companies as well as the Arab media starting from the barking dogs of Aljazeera and other Arab media. If they succeeded to inflame the situation and send their wild dogs across Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, they should know that the democracy and changes are going to come to topple their dirty regimes willingly or unwillingly.

The thugs will soon kneel to the new superpower of the Gulf region and they will then regret what they have done in Iraq but it will be too late.

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