Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The war against terror

After the 11/9/2001 events in New York and Washington the world discovered that the terrorist groups which were supported by the USA (Taliban and Al-Qaeda) are behind these attacks. Every one thereafter realized that the Wahabi ideology was behind the terrorist attacks in many parts of the world. The Wahabism twined by the Al-Saud family was supported and brought to power and dominance in the Arabian Peninsula by the Britain more than 70 years ago.

America and its allies led a war against the terrorism in Afghanistan and toppled the regime of Taliban that once it was supported by it. Indeed the USA helped that regime to come into power and deposited the previous more moderate regime. The war was and remained unequal and by using hi-Tec and very strong power against weaker targets. The USA therefore deposited the regime of Taliban and forced the Qaeda members like UBL to flee to the mountains. However the USA and its allies were unable to achieve victory and terminate the whole nets and its members. This is partly due to the failure of the large power to finish small and changeable (ghostly) targets. Once again and for the long run the doctrine which feed the terrorism with hate and mental drive remained untouched.

The last few months indicated a big failure in the war against terrorism indeed. The Taliban return stronger than in 2001 and they are now more able to inflict serious damages in the Allied forces. These forces exposed into big losses in the last few weeks. Similar situation happened in Iraq.

The rebound of terrorism will take several forms and some of it will certainly happen in the Western countries sooner or later. The terrorists will do every thing to reach into their targets by all kind of destructive weapons. The targets show no mercy and will not discriminate.

There are certain reports estimated that the terrorism through its Wahabi supply enjoying very large financial support. This including the media which provides extremely large number of hours over 24 hours per day and 7 days per week all over the world with thousands of channels and communications. Such support is of no doubts coming from the oil-rich Gulf States. It may not be the government of these states but it is certainly the rich Wahabi and pro-Wahabi groups, companies and people.

The world is not going to stay the same and it will certainly change in the next few years or decades. In the Middle East Al-Qaeda will try to establish for it a state in the one of the oil rich states. The apparent target is Iraq however the secret and most important one is Saudi Arabia. They will make changes there through the existed systems which are full with loyal, supporters and advocates. Once they get control of power no one can do anything and there are many examples existed about this in the region.

The other change is the emergence of Iran as a regional power. The Middle East with Iran emerging as a regional nuclear power with very weak Iraq is the outcome of the American policy since 1979 when they supported Saddam and his war against Khomeini followed by another two major wars and 12 years sanction in between. This is not only weakened Iraq and killed millions of its citizens but led to emergence of the new changes. Sooner Iran will declare itself as a nuclear state and it is already got the means to deliver such destructive power on far reaching precise weapons. Iran today is not Iran last night and the Middle East is far more different from the one in 1970s.

The war against terrorism will never succeed without the help of the regional powerful states like Iran and will not win if the roots remained intact and the suppliers are free to do so. The Middle East needs freedom and democracy and not dictatorship families. On the other hand any new conflict with any state in the region like Iran will be much regretted and will send the world into chaos and the region into war only God knows where and when it will stop. Above all the regions needs stable and strong Iraq and free from the terrorists nets.

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