Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Saudi Religious Police torturing Saudi woman

Few days ago the arrest of a Saudi Female Student in the University of Riyadh by the Religious Police (The Motawaiyan) the so called (Hayaat El-amar Bi-Elmarowof wa-Elnahi Aan Elmonkar) evoked wide spread protest and condemnation in the Eastern province of (Saudi Arabia).

The student (Amina Jaffar Almiskeen) is 19 years old Shiite women from the oil-rich Eastern province where most of the Saudi Shiites living. The Saudi Shias represent 25% of the whole population and more than 90% of the population in the Eastern province. They are treated as second class citizens by the state and some Wahabi Mullahs produced Fatwas permit their blood shed by considering them as part of the infidel world that should be killed as and when the opportunity became permissible.

Amina is a first year university student living studying more than 300 km away from her family in Riyadh. She had a female friend from Riyadh in the same year. The two exchanged views about different subjects and Amina expressed her views and ideas about her faith while her (Wahabi friend) was plotting some thing else for her. She was telling the Religious Police that this girl having (anti-wahabi doctrine) as she is (Rafidhiah) or (Rejecting).

Amina was then arrested by the (Wahabi Religious Police) from the University outskirt in Riyadh. She was arrested put in prison and forced to stay locked in the toilet and then was tortured (wiped). The (WRP) assaulted her and tried to violate her. Later and under pressure and widespread protest in the Eastern province the girl was released however never returned back to the university again.

This is not the only case of the basic human rights violation in the (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) but one of the most recent one. Wahabism is a hate and terror producing ideology which is responsible for most of the ongoing terror in the world in addition to the wide spread human right violation under the cover of the religion.

The basic solution to end such terror and human right violation is for the Oil-Rich Eastern provinces to have their own state as is the state of Hijaz in the West which include Makka and Madina. Above all the State of Najad should go back historically to the original rulers of Bin-Rashed Family or rulers elected by democracy. On the other hand the alliance between the Wahabis and Al-Saud family should be closed once and for ever. By this only the war against terrorism can win and the best examples are live and needs no farther explanations.

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