Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

A rare interview with Abo-Hafsa Alansari

Alwatan alarabi magazine (London) published an interview with Abohafsa claimed to be one of Zarqawi deputies.

He stated that their Qaeda group in Iraq has the ability to recruit into Iraq one million fighters. He explained that this number can be introduced from everywhere along the borders which are all open for them!

He told that they are very well funded financially from the oil Gulf States and their Arab big companies and investors which is another reason keeping their operation inside Iraq.

He claimed that they are controlling all Iraq and they got their courts, army and security system while the USA mercenaries are prisoners inside the green zone.

The aims, he stated, is to clean Iraq from the Shiites even if they are tens of millions as well as the non-Muslims including Christians and every one not compatible with their will. The ultimate aim is to convert Iraq as the base for their operations all over the world, he added.

One of the most important thing he mentioned is that Hareth Al-Thari the Chairman of Haiyat Ulma Almoslemen is one of their allies and his group the so called (Thorat Al-Eshreen group).

He confirmed that they used the chemical weapons against the US troops and they got tons of these as well as able to introduce millions of heavy and light weapons into Iraq.

One of their joys is to kill and behead the infidels (from vein to vein) as he described it!

We don't know where and when the interview occurred but as this terrorist pointed out to the fights in Anbar and claimed that the Anbar tribes are sided with them and not fighting them; it looks that the interview happened in the last few weeks.

Even though the statements looked exaggerated but the facts that we always pointed to about the support of the Arab Gulf States and their big investors and companies including Saudi Arabia is proved true. The other proven fact is the Syrian support to keep open borders and facilitating crossing the terrorists via its land. More over is the redundant borders and the involvement of Hareth Althari in the terrorism and his involvement in hostage taking for money.

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