Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The limits of personal freedom and the Danish Cartoonist

By law there are limits for every one's freedom. One of these limits is to avoid inflicting harm or insults in the other's self, belief or properties. No single law allows misusing the freedom to insult the others or their symbolism.

On the other hand the law means not to use insults to correct the mistakes of the others, even though, the people used such things.

The recent use of Caricature by a Danish newspaper to insult the person of Prophet Mohammad is an irresponsible act. The person who did these cartoons is possibly trying to condemn terrorism which is the act of devious and criminal groups. He was therefore wrong to use the image of Prophet Mohammad as it is not represented by such deviant groups.

Prophet Mohammad was himself a victim of the terrorism several times through out his moral mission. His grandson Imam Hussein and his family including the children and women were executed by the most arrogant acts of treason and the state terrorism. Imam Hussein was killed and his head rose on a lance in front of his children and family from Kufa in Iraq to Damascus in Syria. This kind of terrorism perpetrated against the Prophet family and continued by the deviant groups until now.

The Cartoon images could have been better drawn to represent the leaders of the known terrorists at present or the deviant doctrines and not the Prophet of Islam which is clear from such acts.

On the other hand we are not with those who protested against the cartoon by destroying and burring Embassies or threatening to kill the innocent people or who may act in future by terrorist attacks. Indeed those who draw such pictures gave a very good excuse to the terrorist groups to get support for their causes.

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