Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq burning

In 2003 and after the regime fall we thought that the country is going to be a model for democracy and freedom for the Middle East however after more than 3 years Iraq is now burning and heading for a sectarian war.

We know that the Wahabi group of Al-Zarqawi threatened to create a civil war but not enough have been made to prevent and stop these groups which are funded and supported by the Arab Gulf states.

For the last few days hundred of Shiite families were expelled from their homes by Sunni pro-wahabi militia in Tarmyiah and Aboghareb which is extended into many areas today. Some of these families have been located in schools or with relatives in very in-humane situations and cold weather.

By the minutes we are writing this, tens of Shiite families in Al-nahrawan area calling the government to rescue them as they are surrounded by Sunni Wahabi terrorists and threatned to kill them. This is going on now until this moment.

Attacks against Shiite mosques continued including rocket attacks against the shrine of Imam Kadhem in Baghdad few hours ago. Earlier today a car bomb exploded near Shiite mosque and open market killed 30 and wounded 45.

Hundred of people were killed and wounded today in many car bombs in Baghdad. Many of them were children burned to death after the car bombs.

The security border forces arrested one Saudi terrorist near Mothana province after crossing the border from Saudi Arabia to support the Wahabi terrorist in Iraq.

Al-Arabiyah TV 3 days ago showed an interview with Kuwaiti wahabist long beard and Saudi red headed uniform who stated that his group alone recruited and sent none thousand from Arab states for Iraq and he will send more as well as financing them. The broadcaster asked him if he is afraid from his declaration and he said not! He was speaking from Kuwait!!

Without the positive interference of Ali Sistani to call for restrain it would have been a civil war long time ago.

Iraq is burning yet there is no government formed until now after the Dec 2005 election!

What kind of democracy are we having? Election and voting to be thrown in the garbage and let the people kill each others!

For those who won the election should immediately form a government or declare that they can't do so.

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