Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Another crime on the face of the Wahabi terrorism

The barbaric and savage attack on the Shire of Imam Al-Hassan Al-Askari in Samara is a continuation of the barbarism of the Saudi Wahabi terrorism, which started such destruction against the entire ancient heritage.

The Shrine is more than a thousand years old and is an important historic site irrespective of who was buried there.

This barbaric act represent only the failure of the terrorists to achieve their goals and it may be one of their last cards against the Shia in Iraq.

Until now thousands of Shiites were killed and their shrines were destroyed since 2003 after the regime toppled. This is nothing but a racist act.

The Wahabism is the mastermind, which push the terrorism and hate in all the areas where there are terrorism.

In the 1920s the Saudi Wahabists supported at that time by the British forces established themselves in Najad and Hijaz and called it Saudi Arabia. They used to invade the Iraqi cities and killing even the fetuses inside the wombs by cutting the skin of the pregnant women.

In Afghanistan their actions after the USA helped them to gain power control is very well known. Its spread to the US itself is not dried up and still considering it as the biggest target with the use of WMD if they can next time. This is possibly a matter of time only.

If the terrorism has to stop and more serious consequences to be prevented then the root of terrorism have to come to an end. It is the Wahabi terrorism and the Wahabi doctrine, which is coming from Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabia is indeed three lands; Najad, Hijaz and the Eastern part and what it should be now.

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