Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The American Ambassador in Baghdad

Z. K. Zada the US ambassador to Iraq is exceeding the limits of diplomacy and openly interfering in a way, which dictate his background of being a Sunni from Afghanistan origin.

It was much better for both Iraq and the US to have an American Ambassador like the previous one who knows the limits of diplomacy and neutral in relation to the sectarian differences in this country.

We know ZKZ is a friend of the Kurds and he is now openly dictating his own personal views in the shape and formation of the new government, which took very long time to be formed.

ZKZ expresses his dictations in away reflecting a man with occupational force and not an ambassador. This will send a different signal from what the US administration would like to achieve from the ordinary and intellectual Iraqi peoples. It will make the majority of the Iraqi people to question such dictation, which will lead to an anti-American feeling.

We think that it is the time for ZKZ to be replaced with another US ambassador who can be neutral and knows the limits of his diplomacy.

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