Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Supporting the terrorism is a terrorist act

Another recorded tape for UBL broadcasted by Al-Jazeera!

It is shame on the USA as a superpower for a small TV like Al-Jazeera succeeded to make its government to appear from time to time to announce or produce statements or conferences and even meetings and emergency plans based on recorded tapes.

When Jerry Adam was considered as part of an unacceptable organization by the UK the British government prevented its media to broadcast any thing with his voice or pictures.

It is certainly Usama Bin Laden is a world terrorist and therefore his voice and messages should not be allowed to be broadcasted by any media. It will give psychological support to his fellow terrorists and is be part of the psychological war.

Al-Jazeera TV with no little doubt is a terrorist media. It is now giving itself weight more than what it deserves. This is of course done by pulling the US government from time to time about tapes from UBL and other terrorist groups.

The solution is so easy by giving it what it deserves. Blow it or ban it like when the Hotbird banned the Al-Manar TV of Hizbella. Al-Jazeera needs a serious action not necessarily by bombing it but this can be done by too many other ways. One of these is that this TV is full with people working for Al-Qaeda and an international court for investigation is an easy way. Other is an undercover plan. If not wipe it out by a suicidal camel or dog or donkey or rocket or a mystery shake.

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