Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Saddam to sue George Bush and Tony Blair

In the next few days the lawyers of Saddam Hussein will submit a lawsuit in the Highest Criminal Court of Amsterdam, Netherlands against GWB and TB on behalf of the former.

SH has entrusted his lawyers to take the proposed legal proceeding for the use of the weapon of mass destruction and the prohibited weapon against Iraq in the war of 2003.

The proceeding will ask about compensations for every Iraqi of 500,000 dollars as damages due to that war and the use of prohibited weapons.

Saddam is trying to hold to anything to save his life like the sunken one holding to any straw he may hold or some one who seek refuge from the swelter with the hellfire!

On the other hand there is good news about a U-turn of the war against terrorism. Over the last few days when the Western tribes and people started fighting the terrorists. It is started in Ramadi after Al-Qaeda attacked and killed their volunteers for the Iraqi police. They formed popular militia to fight and expel the terrorists who escaped to other regions. Soon after that the uprising in Ramadi spread to the nearby areas including Al-Qaem by the Syrian border for the last three days.

The other positive development is that in spite of the delay in the formation of government it seems that most of the political rivals are close to an agreement to form one. This will form a big development and another major blow against the terrorist group.

The developments in Iraq are moving forward against terrorism especially after the latest development mentioned above and seems that the end of these groups is not far. We may see them going back to their bases in Syria and Saudi Arabia so soon.

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