Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The new chief judge in the trial of Saddam and his gang

The 8th session of the judgment of Saddam and his gang about the genocide crimes of Dijel has just started an hour ago.

The new chief judge Mr Raof Rashied Abdulrahman (61 years) opened the session in a much better way than the resigned judge (Mr R M Amien). He has much more concentration and using a much better judgment and interrogations of the witnesses and the accused to clarify the evidence in a more concentrated and better way.

When the session started Barzan and Saddam and their defendants tried as usual to deviate the court from its main aim. When the judge tried to keep the track of the judgment and asked them to calm down they insulted him and the court. The judge used his lawful power to expel the abusive persons including Saddam and his half brother Barzan. After the expulsion of the abusives the court went on smoothly.

The chief judge is very good in running the court and he is a very experienced judge. There is no doubt that he has much more ability than the previous judge and he got much more experience.

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