Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Another bloody day in Iraq

More than 120 Iraqis were killed today and more wounded in several suicidal attacks.

One of the bloodiest attack was in Kerbala in front of the holy shrine of Imam Hussein where several children and women torn apart into pieces. The attacker used explosive belt enforced with small metal bullets.

The other attack was in Ramadi against applicants for police force.

Other three attacks were in Baghdad and one in Najaf. In one attack at least 5 American soldiers were killed.

On the other hand five more bodies were found in the water purification plant in the Rostamiyah area. Two days ago 4 bodies were discovered in the same plant. All bodies were with tied hands on the back and bullets on the heads.

In Falluja masked thugs attacked Al-Eman secondary school and took two children. Latter on their bodies discovered outside the city. The other children tried to prevent this happening but the armed thugs forced them and told the children that they are working for the Americans.

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