Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Al-Qaeda's Somber in Iraq

It is very clear that delay in exterminating Al-Qaeda in Iraq represent serious and deadly mistake not for the region alone but the whole world.

Although there are reports in Iraq and outside sources about divisions occurring between Qaeda terrorists and other armed (Pro-Qaeda) groups but taking this fully is misleading. Al-Qaeda itself may be behind it at least partly.

It is true that there are distress about Al-Qaeda terrorists from some of the tribal leaders and most of the local residents in the areas where they exist.

One of the main strategies used by Al-Qaeda to stay in Iraq is money. Most of those who have been captured were influenced by two factors; money first and (Wahabi doctrine of Jihad second). They are mainly mercenary killers or terrorist in one word. Both the money and the doctrine come from Saudi Arabia with large Saudi public support. This support is not secret but the Saudis are openly calling for Jihad and there are many Saudi clergies issued Fatwas about it in Iraq. The official Saudi face pretends to be anti-terrorists while the real and wider face is indeed supporting the terrorism by money, Jihadist (terrorists), and information with media.

Al-Qaeda is preparing for wide-spread activities outside Iraq including Lebanon, Israel, Turkey and other Arab states and Europe. It has an octopus plan which was successful to reach Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Syria is playing a major role in providing a logistic and recruiting links. It believes that playing the card of the Qaeda may save her regime. In addition to the Saudi and Syrian support there are other groups and states which though not sharing same doctrine with Qaeda but sharing with it to create an on-going security vacuum in Iraq. Thirteen members of Al-Qaeda have been captured today in Lebanon. They are Syrians, Saudis, and Jordanians and from other Arab states.

The reports; that some fighters (Jihadists or resistance) disagreed with Al-Qaeda in Iraq is not as true. They may disagree with them partially because of the conflict in the interests but the strength Al-Qaeda achieving is overweighing this disagreement. In one week Al-Qaeda succeeded to shot down two US helicopters and kills all of their crews. The local people don't like it but they use intimidation and money to control. The long-lasting economic sanction plus the remarkable unemployment in Iraq played major part making some to work in different ways for Qaeda for money. Therefore one of the main issues to be tackled is factors which may lead to disengagement of people from Qaeda.

Indeed to destroy Qaeda the best way is to break it from inside by implanting people inside its network from among them. On the other hand it is good to work to divide Qaeda and make them to kill each other. One of the most important factors is to strangulate their money supply. The money comes from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries like Qatari/Kuwaiti groups. The world need to pressurize Saudi officials to give wide freedom for all citizens to criticize the Mullahs and to remove suppression from its Shiites community so that they play the balance against the Wahabi dominated absolute control. The Saudi government should prevent any Fatawa supporting terrorism. Indeed they should produce Fatawas to consider Qaeda as (Infidels) who should be captured repent or killed. Producing such Fatawas by these Clergies is so vital to disengage people from Qaeda in Iraq and other places.

Locally and one of the most important issue is to give the security control over the areas in Iraq to the Iraqi forces with support by the Multinational forces (MNF). The local Iraqi forces should have an absolute power to kill and arrest those who are not surrendering to them or to the MNF. The difference between MNF and Iraqi forces is that the later knows how to differentiate between the different groups and the non-Iraqi (Jihadistts). The control over the cities around Baghdad and the Western region divided between different groups and there are foreign terrorists from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Syria, Somalia, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Palestinians, Europe, and USA.

The Iraqi Sunnis should be persuaded to join the war against Qaeda. On the other hand Arab dictators like Syria and Saudi Arabia should understand that they will pay heavy price if they push the Sunnis to support the insurgence by exploitation of the sectarian issues. They should cut any internal interference in Iraq and leave the Iraqis to decide for themselves.

The region is entering very dangerous stage which will produce a bath of blood and we may see sever economic and oil difficulties in the near future.

The card of Al-Qaeda in Iraq is not some thing negotiable however many tired to play it for their own agenda. Those who are paying the price are paying it heavily by their lives and blood.

The Iraqis will never surrender to the terrorists even though the terrorists succeeded to establish some bases here and there near the borders.

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