Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

What happened in Al-Dijel?

The complainants and witnesses about the genocide of Saddam and his regime against Al-Dijel people revealed the following crimes:

1. Indiscriminate killings by using massive military and security powers including helicopters against innocent civilians by top officials who were controlling the power.
2. Mass arrests against hundreds of families.
3. Detention of these families in concentration camps under reckless tyrannized oppression
4. Among the arrested are children under 14 years old
5. None of the arrested people were submitted to court and most of them know nothing about why they have been detained or their relatives killed
6. Banishing these families including newborn babies and children into the heart of desert under sever merciless conditions
7. Leveling to the ground the houses and farms of these families
8. Death of many detainees under tortures
9. Using different ways of torture and psychological abuses during the detention
10. After 4 years of most sever condition and humiliation the detainees freed but many were executed before and latter
11. They have not been submitted into a court and after their release they have been treated severely badly under strict scrutiny and on and off calls and threat by the security until the fall of the regime 2003.
12. Some of the pregnant women gave birth in the detention camps. The babies died later due to lack of any care and the physico-psychological torture that their mothers exposed to. Died babies undignifiedly rapped with newspapers and taken from their mothers.

The crimes are much more than that. It was a tragedy which spread fears and terrors in the heart of all Iraqis at that time. One of the witnesses whose 7 brothers were executed at the same time described the day of taking them into the desert that he will never forget its terror even for hundred years to come. The scars will never heal and the beloved ones who were executed and killed will never come back. The women who were raped will never heal especially that they may cancel it inside themselves. Mothers who lost their babies will never forget their last cries from hunger or pain helplessly.

Saddam, his half bother and the others tried several times to pull the tribunal into sideways or convert it into a political stage. He described George Bush as the number one liar in the world. They tried to convert the court to look as if they are the victims and not the accused by complaining about their treatment and suffering. However they directly confessed about the crimes by throwing it on the less ranking officers or on the other parts of the security system.

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