Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Successful Historic Election in Iraq

Let us first confirm one important fact whether the others accept it or not which is that any success in the political process towards free, democratic and prosperous Iraq is a direct success for the Coalition Forces led by the USA. However the main players which make the elections to succeed are the Iraqis who voted by no for terrorism.

The election was very successful with more than 11 millions Iraqis voted out of 15 millions reported eligible for vote. It was the biggest election in the history of Iraq and the Middle East. It was fully free and went well without major problems in-spite of the current situation. We started with the relationship of the success in Iraq and the USA and this is why the current situation in Iraq where are terrorist groups acting actively to hinder this process. If they (supported by many regional countries like Syria and the Wahabi groups) succeed to do so it will be a failure for the USA and its allies and this for which they act. However this is proved wrong and will not happen after this election. Those who proved such thing are the Iraqi people who voted for the success in the political process by 11 millions voted no for the terrorists. So it is the Iraqis who are opposing the terrorists and not the USA troops alone.

From this election therefore on the top of the results is 11 millions voted yes for the civilized way of life. This will be soon starting to be seen as a model for democratic processes for the whole Middle East. It is already started to be seen as such. It has been proved that the one dogma controlling the people and imposing its way of thoughts on the Arab world is wrong. Arabs are not Wahabists or Sulafists but diverse in their ideologies and believes and no one has the right to make all of them follow his own way. Balance is the way needed to avoid any hate-based principles. Other countries in the Arab world including Saudi Arabia should respect their citizens and allow them to practice their rights and school of thoughts as they like.

Lastly the preliminary results of the present election are as follows:

The Iraqi Coalition (Hakem/Jafari) achieved 58-85% in 9 Southern provinces, in Baghdad and in Diyala.

The Kurdish Alliances achieved 65-80% in the 3 Northern provinces. Kurdish voters moved away from the Alliance to some other small parties which had more voices this time.

The National Iraqi List (Allawi) achieved the second to third place in some regions especially in some regions of Baghdad.

The major changes this time is in the Sunni parties by gaining a lot of voices in at least 4 provinces including Mosel and Kurkuk. They are the second in Diyala and in Basrah and some parts of Baghdad. The Sunni parties are now making one alliance and they will achieve much more seats than last time in the new Assembly. They may get something around 40 seats or even more.

One of the most noticeable things is that some of the Sunni leaders like Mithal Al-Alowsi party (the Party of Iraqi Nation) achieved quite considerable amount of voices in the Shiite regions. It was reported that it achieved the third place in Karbala where there are 100% Shiite population and many Shiite parties. This is a good indication that many Iraqis are not looking for the faith of the person but for his program. This is the issue for many like Al-Alowsi, Sadoon Al-Doliami, Sheikh Mahmood Al-Eisawi and many other Sunni Iraqis who are against terrorism.

We hope that the Electoral Department will announce the results sooner rather than latter.

God bless Iraq and its friends.

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