Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Ramzi Clark and Al-Naiami are Criminals against the Iraqis

The Iraqi Judges as groups, committees or individuals has to issue a bill of indictment about the two criminals against the Iraqi people (Ramzi Clark and Al-Naiami).

Ramzi Clarck supported and helped the Iraqi dictator directly and indirectly to kill and perpetrate his crimes. RC therefore is a joint criminal with Saddam and according to the Iraqi law and justice, it is right to issue an arrest against this criminal. The least thing is that this (criminal) should not be allowed to enter Iraq.

If the Iraqi justice is unable to stop this criminal or issue an arrest bill against him, then the Iraqi people should do such thing. The Iraqi people should stop this criminal from his crimes and they should find him and bring him for their justice he and his friend the Qatari (Naiami).

Ramzi Clark and Naiami are required for the Iraqi people justice and they know how to do so, where and when?

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