Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

How the garbage gets bigger?

It is so easy! Give it more rubbish to make it bigger. However the bigger it becomes the more you need to eradicate it and the dangerous its unwanted effects reaches.

The same things apply on the terrorist. The more you recognize them or negotiate with their representatives the worst they become.

There is only one language the criminals know. It is force. They know nothing else. They know no respect and the wilds are unable to communicate without using their cat's-paws and the fingers of death.

In Iraq these fingers are creating death every day because they have not been amputated neither their supporters.

Kidnapping is back while deaths continued.

The reason is because the terrorists are free inside the western cities supported by the Syrians. The other reason is because there is no capital punishment against the captured. Most important is those who are supporting them like Al-Dhari are free to do so in secret and in public. Another important reason is the weakness of the military plans. It should not wait for the terrorists to control a city like Ramadi without strong punishment. This punishment should be strong and quick avoiding civilian casualties. It is so easy to close the city in and out roads and surround it by heavy artillery. A warning then will be given for all women and children to leave and the rest have to surrender for investigation or will be killed. Those who are innocent will surrender and the killers will not. The rest is to kill all the terrorists and not to allow them to escape from one area to another.

The media which support the killers like Al-Jazeera TV should be closed or the Qatari ruler will pay the price. Close one TV and the rest will learn the lesson.

The Syrian regime support for terrorism and its involvement in the assassinations and killings are very good a reasons to eliminate that regime.

Over all it is the Wahabism which is the origin of the trouble and hate. It is the doctrine which fed the Belgium woman who used to work as a waiter in a pub before embracing that doctrine which led her to do a suicidal operation inside Iraq and it is the same one which is inside the brain of many Dutch women who said that they are ready to do the same and asked to be under the leadership of UBL.

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