Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Congratulations Iraqi Soccer top team in West Asia!

Iraq 2 Syria 0

Congratulation to the Iraqi football team and all Iraqis!

Iraq got the golden medal as the top team in the West Asia competition.

Ramsy Clark and Naiami

The Iraqi authorities should arrest and submit these two for committing crimes against the victims of Saddam regime.

We knew that they entered without visa and considered the trial as illegal. The Iraqi justice system should issue a statement of arrest against these two or prevent them from entering Iraq. We know the amount of money given to them before and after the fall of the dictator.

In one of these picture ppeared Ramsy Clark with Tariq Aziz who was Saddam deputy during the oil for food scandal time.

RC must be part of these crimes

The money before and after the oil for food scndal

RC and Saddam similar gesture

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