Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Trial of the Century

The reason we chose this title for the trial of Saddam Hussein is not because of he is important person but because of the magnitude of his crimes. He and his regime committed the worst crimes in the recent history of mankind. He used countless and unprecedented means to perpetrate his crimes. On the extent these crimes were not limited against the Iraqis but it extended to involve other peoples in different countries, the environment, and more over it is continued until now.

It is wrong to start with a crime which happened in Dujial in a short period of time. Though it was barbaric crime but it is a drop in the ocean. Saddam and his regime committed crimes against humanity not only by killing millions of people but by creating a cascade of evil events which will stay with us for long time to come. The scars that this regime left will never ever heal by a trial or even the most sever punishments they deserve. However it is good to see the criminals behind the bar after so long time.

Compared to what they did for their victims from tortures, humiliations, executions, and rapes, they received luxury reception in today’s court. Saddam when asked about his name tried to deliver a speech to the world. He refused to recognize the Court and considered himself as the legitimate president. The only time that he gave up and appeared frightened and collapsed is when the Prosecution brought the charges against him.

In all circumstances the trial showed two major things. First the new Iraq is moving forward towards the state of law and the second is that the trial of Saddam is an example for all those who govern their people with fear and dictatorship to learn the lesson.

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