Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Results indicate YES vote for the Iraqi constitution

The preliminary results from different sources indicate the following:

The nine southern provinces from Basra to Hila voted between 75-95% by yes.

Baghdad region voted by 65-75% yes.

The three northern Kurdish provinces voted by 70-80% yes.

Kurkuk and Diyala voted for 60-65% yes.

Ramadi is gloomy but expected to vote for no.

The birth place of Saddam Tikrit (Salah-aldeen) voted by 75% for no.

The constitution will be rejected if the majority of votes rejected it which is according to the above results is impossible.

The only other way by which it may be rejected is if more than two thirds of the votes in three provinces or more vote for no. This option is very unlikely. Even taking Tikrit votes in account this will need at least another 2 provinces to say no by more than 66%. Even if Ramadi achieved this is not enough. Mosel votes were 643,000 from which until today we got the results of 419,000 ballots counted. Out of this 419,000 there is 75% voted yes. Therefore even if the rest are all no, which is impossible, the final results will not be enough to reject the constitution.

Based on this we can say congratulation for the Iraqis with a big YES for the constitution which is passed.

Over all how nice it is to be free and votes then calculate like the other civilized nations and not 99.999% yes for one person or one family under the barbaric dictatorship regimes.

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