Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The tragedy of Al-Kadhemyiah bridge in Baghdad

Our deep condolences are to the families of the victims of the tragic event which happened in Baghdad today, where at least 900 people mostly Shiites were killed.

The tragic event happened while thousands of Shiites commemorating the death of Imam Mosa Al-Kadhem. This Imam was killed in Baghdad prison by poison by Haron Rashed the Abbasi Khalief about 1000 years ago. The Imam was known for his peaceful attitude even towards his enemies. Al-Kadhem means the one who can not be irritated or be able to control and suppress his anger no matter how difficult and big the problem is. As for his ancestors Mosa was against tyranny and oppression. He was a man of peace, justice and equality which are not what the rulers want. They therefore requested him to come from Madena in Hijaz (Saudi Arabia now) to Baghdad so as to put him under house arrest and prevent him from meeting his followers. Then they put him in prison in a cell that he knew no night and day in it. He used to ask the guards about the time of the day to be able to do his prayers. He was chained and heavily guarded. One day they put for him a poison and when he died they throw his body over the bridge of Baghdad disguising it like a beggar. However he was a known person for his followers who discovered that the body in actual fact is that of Mosa Al-Kadhem. Haron was shocked to know that the people indeed discovered the plot and buried Mosa in the place which is called Al-Kadhimyiah today.

During the time of the Sunni regimes like Saddam regime the rulers used to prevent the Shiites from commemorating their festivals for the same reasons which caused Haron to kill Imam Mosa Al-Kadhem.

The exact and same reasons of the black and hatred ideology caused the Wahabi terrorists to program today's event. First they were firing rockets over the crowds away from the bridge then they pushed a thug between them over the bridge who shouted 'terrorist, terrorist; there is bomber over the bridge '. The people when heard that run to catch him. The others tried to run away. Whether or not there was a suicidal or not the tool of death reached about 900 people.

The Interim Iraqi government should bear its own responsibility for this and there should be investigation to punish those who were unable to prevent such tragedy.

May God bestow his mercy on the souls of those who were killed and rest them with peace.

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