Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Silent war between Syria and America: who will prevail, the swamp or the power

Tow years elapsed after the fall of the dictator regime and the escape of its leader from the war. The country is still in chaos and the people started to loss hope in the existed system including the promises raised just after the fall of the regime.

Services like the electricity, sanitation, transports and water are not even suitable for the basic requirements of the domestic animals. There are areas which lack any of the commonly needed basic services. The luckiest areas may get electricity for 4 hours per day! The cutting times are not even regular. Electricity may go at any moment. In a country live on a deep-sea of oil reserves the petrol stations are unable to maintain adequate petrol without long queues, which in some instances needed for the drivers to wait an overnight in a queue.

The most dangerous and important issue is the security and terrorism. The people live in an ongoing war zones with a war which is not similar to the other conventional wars. The number of crimes, smuggling, prostitutions, and other corruptions inside the roots of the interim government are growing so fast everywhere with serious impacts on the life of the ordinary people.

A civil war is on standby with an unpredictable button which may go off at any moment. Indeed the civil war against any non-Sunni families exists dreadfully in many areas where the Sunni are the majority there with hundreds of Shia families driven away from their homes. The number of terrorists entering Iraq from Saudi Arabia and Syria are continuing with an average rate of 100 entering from the Syrian border only. The Syrian regime's support for terrorism in Iraq is much more than before. This regime learnt how to mislead the others and it adopted new ways to train, support and equip the terrorists. This regime thinks that in this way they keep the US and its allies busy in the swamp of Iraq and so they can not attack them while inside the swamp. The Iranian regime extended its involvement in the Iraqi internal affairs in many ways including support for the violence. The Saudis represent the main source of the terrorist recruitment, manpower and financial support in Iraq. An example is; there are more than 500 Saudi and Arab terrorists inside a small area of Tel-Aafar alone. Nonetheless, thousands of them exist inside the Sunni triangle in the West and North-West of Iraq.

The terrorists are now planning for awfully dangerous storms of attacks supported by the Syrian and Iranian regimes. One of these plans which are organized both in Syria and Iran is to execute waves of daily car and suicidal attacks. Major cities especially close to the Syrian border including Mosel, Ramadi, Tal-aafar, parts of Diyala, Samara, Latiyfiyah, parts of Baghdad will be under the control of the terrorists. This will create confusion for the Iraqi and multi-national forces especially the plan is for the terrorists to put themselves in between the civilians and take them as hostages if needed. They will attack the major supplies for water and electricity and aiming to produce general uprising against the weakness of the government. The terrorists will use Iraqi Police uniform to execute some important part of the plan. There are some information indicates that the terrorists are now gathering intelligence information and pass it to Syria for the plan to be finalized before its going to be executed in the next few months. However Syria on the other hand may receive heavy strikes from the multinational forces leading to the reverse which is an uprising in Syria against its totalitarian dictator regime. It is clearly now that the war between Syria and the USA is not silent. The pull-out from Gaza strip is not without relation to the whole plan. Sharon is not so stupid to pull-out without rewards on the Syrian side. He knew the Syrian regime file soon will come to an end. This will conclude Hezbollah, the Golan Heights and peace in the Middle East. Syria want to create a swamp in Iraq for the US troops and they think by this way they will abort any involvement or interference in their affairs. However the US lastly understood the message and the challenge and put plans to be executed on Syria in the coming time while the Syrian regime feel that they are OK as far as the Iraqi swamp is becoming more chaotic. There is some Syrian opposition groups are preparing themselves for a quick return to Damascus of course without the need of the US troops to be there!

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