Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqi government failure

The failure of Talabani-Aljafari-Alhakem coalition is not only in the security issues and preventing the terrorist attacks but in producing successful regional and international healthy relationships.

We know the lack of the control over the borders between Syria and Iraq and between Saudi Arabia and Iraq as well as Iran. Furthermore the problem of the borders between Iraq and Kuwait has been the subject of the last few days. We know that the borders were demarcated after the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam and when he had accepted every thing to enable him to stay in power. The UN was involved in the process and we have to bring to the attention, here, the UN scandals about the oil for food, a part from, the killing of the Iraqi children by the 12 years so hated UN sanction. After the 1991 demarcation many Iraqi farmers and civilians lost their farms, houses and properties without any compensation. In the last few days the Kuwaitis pushed even that arbitrary demarcation farther inside the Iraqi borders in many points which resulted in many other farms, houses and properties confiscated and destroyed by the Kuwaiti bulldozers.

The local aggrieved civilians in Basrah especially the area of Umqasar whereas many properties and farms taken by the Kuwaitis protested against this and hand fought with the transgressors. The Kuwaitis erected a concrete wall which was then partly destroyed by the aggrieved Iraqis. The Iraqi government has done nothing towards this or it should have done more to prevent it from happening. Indeed there are many Wahabi Kuwaitis joined the terrorist suicidal attacks or killed in Iraq who may have came from that border or from Syria.

Alwatan Kuwaiti newspaper, instead of trying to correct and apologize of what happened they sneer at the Iraqi government like Alhakem and Aljafari. The newspaper described the aggrieved civilians as “mobs who find nothing to eat or wear” and scoff at the Iraqis by telling that the “Iraqi mobs protested at the border on the time the Kuwaiti aids distributed in the Iraqi cities”. The newspaper want farther to say that some of the Iraqis want back to square one but this time if they are going to fight us it would happen by the use of a (neighbor country army). However they forget that the Iraqi army is still there not vanished or evaporated and all the Iraqis are well trained militarily. In fact the events of 1990 are now happening in a reverse order which is the Kuwaiti side confiscated Iraqi land and so as the UN should do its obligations towards protecting the Iraqi land from the transgressors as it did in 1990 towards Kuwait.

The Iraqi government failed to protect the right of the Iraqi civilians and instead Aljafari said that it is the right of the Kuwaitis to do their borders! This man may be fooling himself by saying so and he forgotten the right of the Iraqis to defend their land. He is probably, paying back the favor bestowed up on him by the Kuwaitis in the past, which was mentioned by Alwatan newspaper which tried to remind him about their favor on him.

If the Iraqi government is not going to do a lot to solve the internal and external issues the worst will come. It will push many Iraqis to resist and many may join the opposite groups or even the terrorist groups. The weakness towards such problems like the security and the Kuwaiti transgression on our borders will soon leads to a military resistance towards the Iraqi government and the multinational troops especially if these troops are not going to put an end to the Kuwaiti transgression on the Iraqi lands.

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