Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq Constitution

It is not an easy task to write a constitution for any country with homogenous culture and the task even harder if the society is various. In Iraq the job is much harder because of the complexity of the Iraqi society and the negative outcomes of the dictator regime policies on the country for the last 30 years.

The most affected people from the carnage of the previously Sunni dominated regimes especially Saddam's regime are the Shiites and the Kurds. The Kurds achieved a lot of freedom and progress during the last 14 years when they had international protection from the control of Saddam's regime. They now would like to strengthen such an independent in the new constitution.

The Shiites, however, stayed after the liberation of Kuwait under the iron fist of Saddam regime. The Shiites exposed during the last few years into mass killing, mass deportations, imprisonments for no cause but being a Shia, and tortures. The tortures include different ways like tongue cutting, hands chopping, body mincing, ears mutilations, eyes plugging, nailing the head with screws and many others. The Shiites therefore would like to see a constitution which prevents in future any other dictator who may control power in the name of the Arabism and Palestine and with the help of the barbaric agents from these to create another state of fear.

From this the Kurds and Shiites agreed on most of the points in the constitution.

The Sunni from whom the terrorists emerged to kill the Iraqis are proving by this that they can do the same things to control power and will not hesitate to repeat the same tortures and killing and ethnic cleansing again. Only few days ago the Sunnis in Diyala (120 KM North East Baghdad) went in the street in support of the previous regime with Saddam's pictures. These are the same people who killed and will not hesitate to kill the Shiites and Kurds again. The Sunnis refused until now to give any concessions about the 3 points that they are hardly moved away from. These are the complete rejection of the proposed federalism, the wealth of the oil and the Shariah law as the main law of the country. The Sunnis therefore want to keep open doors for them to control power by force in the future and they want to keep the oil as it was before in their hands. For this they reject and try to hamper any democratic process in the country.

The solution therefore is to submit the draft of the constitution into voting in the National Assembly and if it is passed to go into voting as soon as possible.

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