Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Another bloody day in Baghdad

Today’s explosions in the centre of Baghdad happened after the relative decrease in the number of attacks during the last week.
It is another bloody day in Baghdad in ones of the busiest places.

Al-Nahtha complex where two of the explosions perpetrated is one of the main public Transport Stations. Buses, coaches and cars used this station to go and come from many cities outside and inside Baghdad. People from different parts of the country are using the service daily to travel to their destination for businesses, trades or for social issues. Small shops, newsagents, hawkers, and other workers are using this complex to get their daily breads. For many of the users of this complex this morning was different. The destination of every passenger or worker in Al-Nahtha Station was not the same destination of their choice. Instead of going to relatives and families they went to death or hospitals. Others who escaped the first attack with some wounds knew not that the death is still waiting for them by another car explosion at the door of Al-Kindi hospital. For the families and the children who said good-bye to their fathers hoping to see them again in the evening with some sweets or breads, they instead went to search for their bodies or their names in the hospitals.
It was another black day full with the blood of the innocent civilians.

Until now there are more than 90 people killed and at least three times this figure wounded. Many of them are children. Full families with their children killed inside the cars waiting to go cities outside Baghdad. One car was full with children. All of them killed.

This time the attack was planned to kill large number of people. The first car went off inside a crowded area in the centre of the station where many passengers and worker gathered in the early morning. About 10 minutes latter and while the people and service/emergency cars rushed into the main door, another car exploded at the door which killed more and produced more chaos. When the ambulances arrived and transferred the wounded into Al-Kindi hospital another detained-car was awaiting for them at the main door of the hospital to kill some of the wounded people brought by the emergency cars.

If any thing one may say about these cockroaches is that when they hit targets like this it means their days are counted. On the other hand their achievement is the hate of every one but the devils like them and the wrath of God which will soon fall on them by the hands of the same people whom they kill. Again and again Syria, and Saudi Arabia feeding such terrorist attacks with money, manpower and support. From these countries it is estimated at least 100 terrorists entered Iraq via Syria and Saudi Arabia each month.

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