Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Who should compensate for killed victims?

The families of Margaret Hassan, K Begley, and all the other foreign victims from Iraq, Japan, Turkey, Italy, USA, UK, who were killed by the terrorists should form a panel like the one set out after the PAN AM Lockerby disaster.

We suggest that this panel should be extended to include the victims of the 11 Sep 2001 and any other victims of the terrorist's attacks including a register for any new victims especially among the Iraqi ING and Police.

The aim is to get compensations from the states which propagate or allow terrorism from its lands. Immediate calls for compensation and to put in trials should go for those who produce the Fatwa's calling for killing of the innocent civilians. This should include the 26 Saudi clergies who supported directly and openly the terrorists as well as Sheikh Khardhawi of Qatar. All of these are freely and openly practicing in the above countries.

The action should include others who call or support terrorism like the media and money collecting and supporting organisations.

The other aim of such panel is to call for considering the Wahabism as a terrorist group and teaching which should be banned in every state. The teaching of Wahabism calls for hate and death for all those who are not in its boat.

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