Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

A Threat from Australian Arab Muslim!

I received an email from an Arab Muslims in the name of Kareema ( which is a female name but also we got other details which we will hold from publication now. The email is full with abuses indicates how dirty is the sender! It is also threatening to kill me and full with support to the terrorists.

Here is some of its dirty contains which could not come from but dirty unclean cockroaches terrorists who abuse the freedom offered to him/her from Australia:

It is idiots like you that really make me sick. Do you often get told by the Americans to bend over and get ready for Bush to have his way with you.

What makes me really angry is that I live in Australia, yet I understand fully why the Iraqi people are fighting this illegal occupation, whilst dogs such as yourself will do anything to appease your masters. Do you not feel any sympathy for the 100,000+ Iraqis who have died from American bombs?

Oh, oh I get it now. I have just figured out why you are such a coward and why you post these traitorous blogs of yours. You know that you have no chance in hell of surviving if the Americans are not there to protect you cowardly ass, so you try in vain to do your part and try to influence others to think the way that the Americans want them to, in the hope that if you are able to convince some, then your life will be less in danger.

But I have news for you, your killing will reap so much rewards on the one who carries it out, that that person will be almost assured a spot in heaven while you burn in hell for eternity. Yes as you slowly burn and scream in hell, the person that kills you will enjoy eternity in heaven and would not even piss on you to put out the flames of hell, because you would be a waste of piss, you worthless piece of dog shit

I pray day and night to see your limp dead body hanging from a light post somewhere in Iraq, I will promise that I will throw a huge party if I got to see that sight.

As long as there is traitorous idiots like you infecting Iraq and the Arab world, then we have lots of struggles to overcome.

My advice to you dumb idiot, is to open you damn eyes and see just how murderous the Americans are, see just how traitorous you have been and change your ways, you still have time to enter heaven, but that will never happen until you stop supporting the Zionist Jews and help you Iraqi brothers to liberate their lands from the American occupiers.

I got full information about the sender including the number of his/her registered computer in the internet and her address in Australia.

Any harm happened to me that addressed person will be responsible for part.

The Western government like Australia is responsible to prevent such people and to hold them responsible for their threat. Such people are enjoying the freedom in these countries yet they hide inside themselves hate, terrors and racism. Of course not all of them but minority which affect the majority therefore an action should be taken against these people after identifying them. They are not less than charged with terrors threat against others because they don't agree with them.

I got the full information and ready to give it to the Australian authorities of they like. Therefore this Alert is also directed to these authorities to tell them to prevent people living on their land from threatening and abusing others.

This is also an Alert for the Australian anti-terrorists authorities to deal with it!

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