Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Street Fighting in Falluja

The Iraqi Army units supported by the US forces are pushing forwards towards the city centre of Falluja.

Heavy bombardments on the sites of the insurgents continued overnight and this morning.

Residents who managed to escape earlier mentioned very important developments. The terrorists forced some of the residents of Falluja to give their houses and other properties to the insurgents. The other important thing is the use of the residents as a human shield but some insurgents escaped to other areas.

The insurgent fighting is becoming weaker while the US/Iraqi forces are a mile away from the centre. There are important targets that the insurgents may defend them fiercely.

The major insult has yet to come!

By this time many families from the Arab countries which send insurgents to Falluja watch the fate of their sons while following the news from there!

Suicidal Bombs and fighting in Baquba

In Baquba at least 35 Iraqi Police and civilians have been killed by attacks on police stations. Insurgents in Bohroz in Diyala attacked the police station there and controlled it initially then fighting broken out resulted in many innocent dead.

Fighting also has broken out in several areas between insurgents and the police in Baquba.

In Baghdad an attack on a church in Al-Dora resulted in damaging the church and some causalities.

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